Weddings & Pre Marital Counselling

Christians believe that marriage is a wonderful gift from God. In a church wedding service, before God and in the presence of their families and friends, a couple make declarations of lifelong love and commitment to each other.

In the Savernake Team we offer a warm welcome to couples thinking about being married in Church.

Are you thinking about a Church Wedding?

If so, please contact your local Team Vicar as soon as possible. Ideally contacting your Team Vicar should be the first task on your list! They will guide you through the planning and preparation.

Clergy and local churches do sometimes get booked well ahead, especially on summer Saturdays, so the earlier you contact your Team Vicar the better. He or she will arrange to meet you both to discuss your plans and deal with the legal side. You can find out the name and contact details of your local Team Vicar by going to the “About Us” area of this website.

You can find out the name and contact details of your local Team Vicar by going to the About Us area of this website.

Where can we get married?

For more information on choosing a church for your wedding please go to the Church of England website

Or click on this link :

Please also visit the website “yourchurchwedding” click on this link

Both websites have lots of information and guidance for planning a church wedding.

But I don’t go to Church. Can I still have a Church Wedding?

Yes, of course! Don’t hesitate to contact your local Team Vicar, who will be glad to see how he or she can help you.

One or both of us are divorced. Can we still be married in Church?

The Church teaches that marriage is for life, but recognises that some marriages do sadly fail. In some circumstances, a divorced person can be married in Church.

If one or both of you are divorced, please do contact your local Team Vicar. He or she will meet you to discuss the right way forward for you.

How much does it cost to have a Church Wedding?

The legal fees of about £500 are set by the Church of England nationally and they are reviewed each year. They cover the calling of banns & the service itself. Extras, such as an organist, bell ringing and heating (if needed) will be clarified by your Team Vicar when discussing your Wedding Service.

Where can I find out more on-line?

Further help and guidance on a church marriage, including more questions and answers, can be found at and

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