St. Mary’s, Collingbourne Kingston

The parish church of St Mary’s provides for traditional worship, with normally three services per month. Concerts, lectures and other activities take place in the church throughout the year.

St Mary's Church, Collingbourne Kingston, SN8 3SD

01672 550870

For information on parish activities and Church life in our parish, you can contact us at

General Information

We try very hard to make everyone welcome, and the PCC does all that it can to increase the number of worshippers at our services and find other ways of bringing this beautiful village church into the lives of the community. The three services per month are Morning Worship, often lay led, Holy Communion on the second Sunday and thirdly Evensong. While some members of the congregation attend all three services, we aim to provide at least one or two services per month that cater for the wishes of all members of the congregation.

Church Contact/Warden

Nigel Worner-Philips

Email churchwarden by clicking here

Our Usual Pattern of Services

  • 1st Sunday

    9.30am Morning Worship

  • 2nd Sunday

    11am Holy Communion

  • 3rd Sunday

    No service

  • 4th Sunday

    6pm Evensong

  • 5th Sunday


News & Events

Please come back soon to view our list of annual dates and events

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